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David Porkka

Working on 

Nulango, a language learning web app with my brother, and adding some new content and features to this site.

Recent Adventures

Took a roadtrip to Pictured Rock National Park in Michigan and did some hiking, then continued the road trip up to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan and snorkeled for agates in the clear, cold waters of Lake Superior. Highly recommend both activities.

New Routines

Been taking more saunas for the hormetic stress benefits and doing more deep belly breaths to better oxygenate and improve lung elasticity. Usually I’ll do the deep breathing in the sauna to save time, but occasionally I’ll go to a nearby Turkish bathhouse and do synchronized deep breathing with other toweled men in the steam room for extra motivation.

Just kidding, I breath and sweat alone.

Last month I started experimenting with short duration high-intensity running, and have contnued to do that for most of the month. Overall, I didn't notice a big difference in endurance from these shorter runs, but I have noticed that I feel more motivated during weeks when I do higher intensity exercise compared to being sedentary.

Current Music

Vision by Atmosphere

This instrumental song starts slowly with a mysterious synth sound and gradually builds into a motivating and immersive war drum with a stimulating electronic beat that makes you want to explore. I recommend playing this song before you step into a forest or try listening to it to make boring things seem more interesting.


React JS (Javascript library),  Amazon Web Services, 11ty static site generator, and Mandarin.

Latest Good Reads

Wait But Why Articles

Been binge reading articles on this wide-ranging, sometimes informative, often profound, yet usually light-hearted site.

The Now Archive:

July 2020

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers and the Now Project.