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David Porkka

Working on 

Nulango, a web app that helps people quickly learn a language, this site, and O-Chem Shop.


Mongolian throat whistling, React JS (Javascript library),  Amazon Web Services, 11ty (static site generator), and French.

New Music

Hum by Holographic Field

This instrumental song starts slowly with a mysterious synth sound and sythetic flute sound that slowly builds into a sci-fi soundscape that transports you inside of whatever you're working on. Listen to it when you need to get into a flow state.

New Discoveries

Recently started watching short video clips from movies, that are dubbed in both English and French. I've found this to be a very effective and entertaining way to learn a language. Check out the Learn French From a French Guy YouTube Channel to try out this learning strategy for yourself.

I think this method of learning is especially helpful when paired with a spaced-repetition software such as Anki, that you add new words you from the movie clips you watch, then periodically review what you've learned.

Updated October 2020

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