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David Porkka

What I'm Doing Now

Updated September 2021

Latest Events
  • Moved to Denver, Colorado!

  • Exploring the city and the nearby mountain trails.

  • Checking out live music at Red Rocks and other venues.

  • Time Bandit by Splendid Blend
    Funky, upbeat instrumental song that makes you want to quit what you're doing and go dancing.

  • Because You Move Me by Tinlickerand Helsloot
    Been listening to this song on repeat lately. Like how the vocals alternate between a low bass and high pitch while building with the synth and deep bass.

  • He^rt by Starcadian

    Airy, overlapping vocals combined with a complex layering of synth and percussion.

  • Learner's Chinese-English Dictionary by Li Dong.

    I don't usually read dictionaries, but when I do, this is the one I read. It has all of the most commonly used Chinese words displayed with simple pinyin pronunciations and common sentences.

  • The complete stories by Isaac Asimov.

    This is a masterpiece of short stories by one of the best scifi writers that ever lived. Even if you don't like scifi, you should read "The Last Question" story in this book.

  • Figmadesign software

  • About hardware by building Arduino projects

  • Mandarin by talking to people on Hello Talk, using Nulango, and reading books

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers and the Now Project.