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David Porkka

What I'm Doing Now

Updated December 2020

Listening To

Will We Remain by llan Bluestone

Motivating electronic music. I like many of his other songs too.

Cathedral by MJ Cole

Inspiring yet ambient instrumental song that I can listen to on repeat.

Latest Experiments

Lifting weights most days to tone my muscles and bones. Also taking 180º f saunas most days for the health benefits.


Creativity Inc. –– This book written by the co-founder and president of Pixar offers many unique insights on how Pixar was able to maintain a creative culture as it grew and how any business can cultivate and maintain a creative environment regardless of the industry they're in.

Latest Thoughts

Morning sunlight is underrated. After using room-darkening blinds for a while, I found that I was progressively waking up later each morning, until I decided to start blasting myself with light after waking up and my sleep quality and has become much more consistent.


React JS (Javascript library), Docker, GraphQL   Amazon Web Services, 11ty (static site generator), and French.

Working On 

Nulango, a language-learning web app, adding features and content to this site, and building WordPress websites.

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This page was inspired by Derek Sivers and the Now Project.