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David Porkka

What I'm Doing Now

Updated March 2021

Listening To🎧

Freya Riding

Powerful, emotional songs, with great vocals. Listen to put yourself into a motivated and grateful state.

Latest ExperimentsπŸ§‘β€πŸ”¬

Still Lifting weights to tone my muscles and bones and taking 180ΒΊ f saunas most days for the health benefits.


Taking a break from books this month to focus more on applied learning.

Thinking AboutπŸ€”

  • Writing more

  • Documenting more things

  • Moving to Denver


React JS (Javascript library), Docker, GraphQL, Amazon Web Services, 11ty (static site generator), and French.

Working On πŸ‘·

Nulango, a language-learning web app, adding features and content to this site, and building WordPress websites.

The Now ArchiveπŸ“œ

November 2020

October 2020

September 2020

August 2020

July 2020

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers and the Now Project.