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David Porkka

My Projects


Web app with most common words and phrases of 11 languages

O-Chem Shop🧪

Organic chemistry products and resources for chemistry students and professionals

This Site👇

The code is on GitHuband you can use it to build your own site if you want.

5 Minute Health🧬

Health and nutrition website

Client Projects

Face Forward🧖

Laser skincare clinic in Austin Texas that offers hi-tech skincare solutions and products.

Gaston Outdoor🛣️

Outdoor advertising company specializing in hi-definition billboards in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Riley Outdoor🛣️

Outdoor advertising company in North Carolina that specializes in digital, static, and trivision billboards.

Lutis Flower💍

Custom dream catchers and hand-made jewelry company

Need a Website?🖥️

Email to discuss your digital desires and let's build something awesome!